Multiroom audio:

Another point of confusion. Most multiroom systems come as a 4 zone or six zone package to allow you to listen to different things in different rooms. They consist of keypads (normally positioned in a room beside a light switch) and speakers in that room all connected to a main controller positioned in a utility room or a room out of sight out of mind.
They work well as music system but do not interface with any other systems such as dimming, gate control, heating, pumps, garage doors, water feautures, blinds, curtains, velux windows. So if the client is "just into music and couldn't care less about anything else" then fine a multiroom audio system is for you.
One of the main problems with a multiroom audio system is that you now have to look at at least two panels on the wall where the light switch would be, one for sound and one for lights whereas a proper Vantage automation system can have one panel to control both.

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